How To Spray Paint Windows:

If you want to learn how to spray paint windows then, Spray Wizards are a professional UPVC window spray painting company, we coat UPVC windows, UPVC doors, UPVC frames and UPVC Facias & Soffits.

We walk you through the process of window spraying in this article!

Firstly – we clean, then we use a spray etching primer on the uPVC surfaces before paint application to ensure that there is no silicone residue on the surface to get in the way of the paint permanently adhering.

Our window spray painting service consists of preparing surfaces with cleaning agents such as white spirits and standard thinners.

Secondly – a clean and smooth spray painted finish requires a thorough cleaning of the surfaces prior to painting. Before spraying, all silicone, grease and other contaminants must be removed from the window frame and any plastic trims.

Thirdly, Masking Up – For masking up we use a couple of different types of professional masking tools such as the 3M hand masker and the Tesa masking kit, these machines make the job of masking up easier and much quicker than it would be trying to do it all by hand.

A successful paint spray job starts with a professional coating of Etching Primer applied evenly over the whole surface of the window frame before paint application.

Painting windows and frames makes a real difference to the look of your home. With an Etching Primer, the paint adheres the surfaces much better, so there is no chipping or flaking.

In fact, once you have painted your frames, they will look as good in 10 years time than they do when freshly painted today!

For the most part, UPVC window frames are fairly simple to spray paint. Spray painting your UPVC windows can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home and its overall value, but it’s very important to get it right.

We provide window spray painting services to a wide range of customers, including home owners, builders and the commercial markets.

We aim to increase the value of your property investment by providing you with a high-end window spray paint that is durable, long lasting, and brightens the outlook of your property.

We offer both interior and exterior paint spraying services. We also offer an extensive range of paint colours to suit your every need.

Each window frame is painted and sprayed by our highly qualified spray painters.

How To Spray Paint Windows With The Help Of Masking Machines:

How To Spray Paint Windows With The Right Equipment:

We use single pack paint and two pack paint depending on the materials best selected for the job. All paints are applied through high pressure sprayers ensuring a professional finish.

We use two types of paint spray gun, One is the LVLP, which stands for low—volume/low-pressure. The LVLP generates significantly less paint than HVLP or the high-volume/high-pressure guns. This means the finish will be smoother, and you’ll need to apply fewer coats of paint.

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Spray Painting UPVC Windows Is What We Do:

We are experts at spraying UPVC windows, doors, frames and other products such as garage doors, kitchens and furniture.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from and our experienced professionals can provide you the best window spray painting services in North Wales.

We know all the most popular colours people often go for, we can mix any specific colour you like.

Each and every house is different and they all suit their own colour, it’s both personal to you and your house so your house looks great and you feel good looking at it.

Make the change on your house today by spray painting your windows, transform the look and feel of your home.
Check out our before and after pictures below!

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Before & After Results - Plastic UPVC Windows and Doors Spraying:



How To Spray Paint Windows From White To Grey:

Commercial Spray Painting

Paint Spraying Services We Offer:


Exterior spraying
We also offer many other spray painting services both interior and exterior paint spraying  Mainly exterior windows and all other plastics such as Garage doors, Fascias, eaves and drainpipes.

We can transform conservatories and garden rooms inside and out by changing the colour of your windows to a modern design that suits you.

Interior spraying
We specialise in kitchen spraying where we transform old and tired looking kitchens into brand new looking kitchens in a matter of days depending on the size of your kitchen.

What else do we spray?
We don’t only know how to spray paint windows, we carry out specialist paint spraying to all types of surfaces including  interior furniture, exterior furniture, fence-work and much more. You ask us for it to be sprayed, you get it, if it’s possible!

How To Spray Paint Windows in 6 Easy Steps!


  1. Clean PVC surfaces with cellulose thinners to remove all surface contaminants.
  2. Remove all silicone ready to be be replaced with new silicone after the spray job.
  3. Mask all areas required with masking tape machines to make the job easy.
  4. Use a tack rag on all surfaces before applying primer or paint.
  5. Apply etching primer to all surfaces prior to painting to provide a good key for the paint.
  6. apply the finish coats of your chosen colour.

If you follow the the steps we outline you might have a chance of doing this for yourself, If no, get the professionals in, all you have to do is contact us and we will take care of your window spraying.

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